Traxster And Tia London Invite Us To 'The Wedding'

Traxster And Tia London Invite Us To 'The Wedding'

After the strange course of events that the year 2020 was, The Legendary Traxster & Tia London AKA House Lindley unveil "The Wedding" Album. After releasing "Muddy" and arguably one of 2020's best Hip Hop music videos, "Date Night," House Lindley delivers its debut album to solidify themselves as a rap supergroup.

Although 'The Wedding' celebrates the marital and musical union of The Legendary Traxster and Tia London, don't be misled by the title. This is not a Tia London album; this is not a Traxster album; this album is unfamiliar, unusual, and unexpected.

"The Wedding" is a sonic collage of love, hate, struggle, prosperity, loyalty, betrayal, sex, and violence.

Stream "The Wedding" on your preferred platform by clicking HERE.


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